New now! FotoDent® splint
THE splint resin

 Free from toxic substances
•  Barely visible in the mouth
•  Extremely durable and resistant
•  Specially developed for bite splints
•  Reproducible at any time


Phrozen Sonic XL 4K
Qualified by Dreve

3D printers facilitate enormously dental manufacturing and give practices as well as laboratories a greater flexibility and more efficient workflows. Dreve's optimised digital workflow offers you a quick and easy access to dental 3D printing.


Your next step to
the digital laboratory



Large build volume:
200 x 125 x 200 mm

Easy exchange of components like e.g. the foil

52μm print precision thanks to
4K display

High light intensity for short construction times

Stainless steel platform:
Significantly improved adhesion characteristics

Very high quality material for longterm reproducible printing results

Device calibrated by Dreve in Unna:
factory settings for optimum printing results


Our experts

DIY: Having decided for 3D printing is an innovative step for your workflow. However, sometimes especially the implementation and getting started can be challenging, not only for beginners. Our experts for dental additive manufacturing and 3D print are glad to support you on your way. They guide you through the process so that you will succeed and get your parts printed.